Feb 7, 2009

New Mobile Nokia 6700 Classic

New Mobile Nokia 6700 classic has announced in January 2009. The new Nokia 6700 classic mobile phone combines the functionality and user experience required in today's hectic times, with a premium design and features a full metal keymat, smooth stainless steel surfaces, and rich materials that makes the new Nokia Classic mobile phone became the most beautiful, well built and competitively priced offer available in the market.

The Nokia 6700 classic is a Nokia Series 40 6th Edition phone, supporting quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and triple-band WCDMA 900/1900/2100. With a 5.0 megapixel camera (4x digital zoom) and LED flash, New Mobile Nokia 6700 classic considered as a modern successor of the popular Nokia 6300 and expected to become a bestseller as its forerunner.

"The Nokia 6300 has broken all sales records for a mid-range mobile device since its launch in 2006. Now the legacy continues with the Nokia 6700", said Mark Loughran, managing director, Nokia UK. The Nokia 6700 classic comes in silver metallic, matte metallic, or black metallic color schemes.

Nokia 6700 classic features with autofocus camera, GPS navigation with Nokia Maps and the awesome Nokia WebKit Open Source Browser, previously available only on the Symbian S60 smartphones. The 6700 Classic can also support microSD cards up to 8 gigabytes large. It's really nice to put on your pocket, slim design only 11mm of thickness.

On the market, The Nokia 6700 classic sell with prices about 235 Euros ($300 USD) before taxes and subsidies. The 6700's ambient light sensor will ensure that the 2.2-inch QVGA display manages brightness to improve battery life. the 6700 is expected to ship in the second quarter of 2009 to Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.
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Oct 23, 2008

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Review

Nokia launched the touchscreen mobile phone Nokia 5800 XpressMusic in the market and expecting that it would slay all fruity-based rivals. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is a S60 5th Edition device with a resistive touch screen and tactile feedback. The phone itself is nicely built, feeling sturdy in the hand and the entire screen is easily reached.

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is smartphone mobile device that have a chance and potential to eat into Apple’s market share. Nokia 5800 looks a little bit thick, and might cause the standard mobile bulge in the pocket if that's your method of carrying it around. It's cost about £220 before taxes and subsidies in the market.

We can use the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic to connect to the mobile broadband using WLAN or HSDPA (3.5G). Inside of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic has supported WCDMA frequencies, this system will be depend on the region where the device is available. With the integrated A-GPS, the user can find directions and locations even maps.

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic coming with a 3.2-inch display, smaller than the iPhone's. Features by the best screen resolution to help the owner bring their photos, video clips and web content to life in vibrant color and true clarity. It has 8GB of memory, capable of storing about 4,000 songs, and this can be expanded to 16GB using a removable memory card.

On the The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, they provided an accessorize handset features by 3.2-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens. So, with a single touch, images or videos can be shared via a favorite online community, such as Share on Ovi, Flickr, or Facebook. Music playlist song titles can also be shared through Bluetooth, MMS or online sharing.

There are strong music features in the to go with Comes with Music, a graphic equaliser and support for all the main digital formats. Nokia has done a good job of making commonly used programs and functions in the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic such as the alarm clock, internet and Bluetooth connectivity.
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Apr 26, 2008

Sony Ericsson K790a

The Sony Ericsson K790a is a feature rich compact phone with a large selection of accessories to fit your mobile lifestyle. Sony Ericsson K790a launched on the 2006, This is the first Cybershot cell phone form sony ericson. Sony Ericsson’s megapixel digital camera gives you crisp, high resolution images with added features more common to standalone cameras. With an amazing selection of features and great performance, the Sony Ericsson K790a is the best camera phone we've seen to date.

The Sony Ericsson K790a is part of their Cyber-shot range for the high-end market and features EDGE as a GSM, GPRS cell phone. The K790a has a 3.2 megapixel camera with 16x digital zoom, flash and image stabilization, a 2 inch 240×320 LCD screen, music player, video player, FM radio, Bluetooth, 64 mb of internal memory, and a Memory Stick Micro expansion slot.

The Sony Ericsson K790a is a prime example of today's most outstanding mobile phones. Like most of Sony Ericsson's cell phones, the K790a sports a simple candy bar form factor. For general-purpose picture taking, the K790a is like having a solid starter digital camera magically morphed in your pocket.

Camera specifications form Sony Ericsson K790a is include Auto focus, it's really better for you to result the great image. Take or choose a photo, add a little text and publish it for friends and family to enjoy.

If you want to know how The Sony Ericsson K790a became favorite on the market as Cybershot cell phone, You can't compare a K series phone with a W series phone. Search products and compare prices from thousands of stores.
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Jan 25, 2008

Sony Ericsson W760 Preview

Sony Ericsson W760

Sony Ericsson company has announced the mobile phone sony erickson W760 on 6th January 2008, the first truly global Walkman® phone with features tri-band HSDPA, Smart phonecell with enabling broadband speed downloads of the latest music and content wherever in the world it is used. In the same time, sony ericsson also has revealed the Sony Ericsson serie Z555. Both of them are pretty decent looking phones, but it is the W760 that we feel will win the hearts of all you mobile phone lovers.

Sony Ericsson serie Z555

The Ericsson W760 can store up to 950 tracks on the bundled 1GB Memory Stick card, and uses SenseMe to pick the music and tracks that match ones mood in an instant by powerful built-in stereo speakers. With sony ericksson W760 they had promises a better gaming experience than what we've seen on previous Sony Ericsson phones.

Sony Ericsson W760 coming with a 2.2-inch screen as well as Motion Sensor Gaming, which allows users to control the game by using the motion of the phone. A quality 3.2 megapixel camera is built in system allowing screen auto-rotation and Shake control, easy to use by simply slide open the phone and then press the camera button to start capture the moment! By using media manager on the menu of W760, you can save your picture to the computer. The Sony Ericsson W760 operates on UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900/2100 and GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/900 MHz networks, which means AT&T Wireless.

Another great feature on the Sony Ericsson W760 has to be the built in GPS with Wayfinder Navigator application, lets you search over 20 million points of interest around the globe and talks you to your destination every turn of the way. The Sony Ericsson W760 will be available in three colours which you can get in either Rocky Silver, Fancy Red or Intense Black in selected markets from Q2 2008.
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Dec 25, 2007

Nokia 6110 Navigator

The Nokia 6110 Navigator combines an S60 3rd Edition FP1 smartphone, a mobile phone with built-in GPS satellite navigation system and maps for your country and region. This is great features for the user of Nokia 6110 navigator in which they can download maps of over 150 countries on their phone.

The Nokia 6110 features integrated maps, routing and navigation. So, when you has stored all of this infirmation on your mobile, You can use the navigator system without a SIM card. Nokia 6110 is a phone cell that contain a complete navigation system (not just GPS but on-board route-planning software and maps too), This is the first mobile phone that using the suffix "Navigator".

Nokia 6110 is Nokia's new hero phone, Sliderphone with interesting features for the business people who always going traveling to anywhere on the world. Nokia 6110 feature a camera with 2 megapixel point-and-shoot with built-in flash, 2.2-inch screen, and also you can shoot video at a YouTube-friendly 320x240.

The Nokia 6110 with 3G connectivity system is compatible with Quadband GSM (850/900/1800/1900) and 3G WCDMA/UMTS (2100). You can nicely bring your 6110 during traveling by car because this mobile was provided with many accessories for the user to make them easy on the road such as smart headset, portable charger and holding case where you can put your mobile on the car.

The Nokia 6110 navigator also provided the user with built in music player which supports MP3, MP4, AAC, eAAC+ & WMA music formats. The nokia 6110 also give the user service to play video in the popular MPEG4 video format and a built in FM radio where the user they can listening non stop radio entertainment complete with a text information which is provided by the radio station.
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Oct 16, 2007

Sony Ericsson W880i

Sony Ericsson W880i launched on early 2007 with some great features stunningly slim and light phone. So, If you looking for a thin (9.4mm) and light cellular phones, then the W880i Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson is definitely going to catch your eye.

Sony Eriksson W880i has coming with full musical support, includes a stereo handsfree, PC software and a 1GB Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) make you ready to rock. With 0.3 megapixel videocall camera, W880i takes pictures in just three sizes (1632x1224, 640x480, and 160x120) its can give you a high-quality camera.

Walkman® player 2.0 on W880i really make this phone more interesting for the user. Sony Ericsson W880i available in black with dark orange or brushed silver with black, but now W880i also available in gold color. Quad-band GSM, 3G with two-way video calling and the usual Sony Walkman capability are the headlines features.

By using Disc2Phone software and USB cable data from W880i you can sharing data to or from your PC. Other features of Sony Ericsson W880i is realeased with 1.8-inch screen, it's bring the W880i more beauty.
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Sep 11, 2007

BlackBerry Pearl

The BlackBerry is a wireless handheld device introduced in 1999, it is a phone that provided the user with many kind of features such as e-mail, mobile telephone, text messaging, media player, camera, internet faxing, web browsing and other wireless information services. All in one sleek, stylish device.

There are many kind of blackberry device released by the Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM), a Canadian wireless device company that known as the developer of the BlackBerry handheld communication device. Since 1999 until now (2007), RIM has developed and released Blackberry such as BlackBerry 7520, BlackBerry 7200 Series, BlackBerry 7130 Series, BlackBerry 8700 Series, BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry 8800, and BlackBerry Curve.

This time we will review for the BlakBerry phone which called BlackBerry Pearl. Blackberry Pearl is the first product of BlackBerry that offer a 1.3-megapixel camera, music and video playback, expandable memory (a memory card slot), and a mapping application.

BlackBerry Pearl is one of the smallest smartphones, good-looking and quite small stylish business phone. BlackBerry Pearl features RIM’s popular SureType™ keyboard technology that makes typing amazingly quick (each key handles two letters) and easy on such a small handset, Also incredibly easy-to-navigate with a new and intuitive trackball navigation system.

BlackBerry Pearl is an attractive device for the business users, It’s easy to stay on top of important personal and work communications with the ability to access up to ten personal or work email accounts such as Yahoo!® and Microsoft® Exchange. The BlackBerry Pearl is one of cameraphones (1.3 megapixel camera) with a built-in flash, and support for playing audio and video, something no BlackBerry has ever been able to do before.
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Aug 27, 2007

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic Review

Nokia company released cellular phone Nokia 5700 XpressMusic in the Europe country about few months ago. According to Nokia, the 5700 XpressMusic is a music-first mobile device, with a dedicated audio chip for enhanced music performance.

The Nokia 5700 XpressMusic features an iconic twist design that easily switches between four - music player (WMA, MP3, eAAC+, and MP4), 2 Megapixel camera, video call and 3D smartphone. Nokia 5700 XpressMusic is great mobile phone with a highly useable twist action keypad, camera mode & music mode which makes the handset a pleasure to use.

Nokia 5700 supports up to 1,500 tracks on a 2GB microSD card, which is about up to 86 hours of music. The Nokia 5700 is a monoblock phone which weighs 115 g with their own favorite 3.5mm plug-equipped headphones and the included headset adaptor or through built-in stereo loudspeakers.

These Nokia 5700 is cellular phone with 5-band equalizer and audio visualizations, supports album art and playlists. So, When purchasing music online, shoppers again have the luxury of choice as you can select from a range of Internet music stores, also those utilizing Windows Media Player Digital Rights management (WMDRM).

More than a music-only device, The Nokia 5700 XpressMusic brings videos to life on a vibrant color screen supporting up to 16 million colors for exceptional video playback. With 3G high-speed data connectivity, the Nokia 5700 XpressMusic makes browsing, downloading and streaming multimedia content much more convenient and faster than before. A video call feature and the built-in 2 Megapixel camera make it easy to share moments with friends and family.

The Nokia 5700 XpressMusic is 3G smartphone which comes with S60 version 3.1 software on a Symbian operating system. The user can take part in a 3G video call & enjoy a face to face video call with all video calling compatible contacts. The 5700 also provided an FM radio tuner, which like all phone FM tuners requires headphones or external speakers to be plugged in to act as the aerial.
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Aug 9, 2007

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone has arrived on AT&T with great features mobile, 2 megapixel camera with high resolution in 3,5 inch disply. Apple iPhone coming complete with a version of OS X, push e-mail and full Internet browsing.

Apple iPhone is a lovely device with a sleek interface, innovative design touches, and top-notch music and video features. Apple iPhone has enough weight (4.8 ounces), So you will feel substantial when it’s in the palm of your hand.

Back side of Apple iPhone is a textured silver, rather than the polished stainless steel of the full-sized iPod models, so the front and back of the iPhone will be more resistant to scratches than either the full-sized iPod or the original iPod nano.

Apple iPhone has WiFi's sytem that automatically engages when in range, and quad-band GSM radio with EDGE. Apple iPhone also features with others wireless technologies suc as a standard GSM cellular connection with support for AT&T’s EDGE network and Bluetooth.

Apple iPhone released with contains either 4GB (Best Current Price: $499.00) or 8GB (Best Current Price: $599.00) of flash data storage. The iPhone display is remarkable for its multitouch technology, You will say that easy to use this iPhone.
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Jul 9, 2007

Concept Phone

This is Concept Phone or mobile phone on the future from Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Siemens. Many of cellular phone company they planed to bring a new model and great style cell phone with some interesting future system on mobile.

1. Concept Phone Nokia 8900
Nokia 8900 Designed by an Austrian designer, Tobias Hornof. As you know the Nokia 8x00 Series is all about luxury, So He made concept phone for Nokia 8900 should have a comprehensive feature set which would include 16M color OLED display, microSD card s
lot, 3MP shooter and MP3 player.
Concept Phone from Nokia

2. Concept Phone Samsung SLIQ
Concept phone from Samsung is designed by Mike Serafin, Samsung SLIQ is future cell phone for business travelers who need a sleek mobile device to take over the features of their PDA and cell phone. Samsung SLIQ is a unique looking handset which offers an advanced touch interface with tactile feedback.

Concept Phone by Samsung introduces advanced touch interface which eliminates the conventional keypad making the overall usage experience a highly tactile one. Samsung SLIQ comes with an extra wide LCD, a 2MP camera, an integrated video player, a document viewer, MP3 playback, and an integrated memory card slot. Anyhow, it is just a phone concept.

Concept phone from Samsung

3. Concept Phone Sony Ericsson
These are some of Slim sony ericsson's concept :

Concept phone from Sony Ericsson

All of these are new Sony Ericsson CyberShot concept. Cell phone with Slim model, luxury performance. A sleek phone with overtones of LG chocolate has a 3.2 mega pixel camera, keys are OLED touch sensitive, slider keypad, really it's looks nice. Hopely this will coming soon, do not only great concept!

4. Concept Phone BenQ-Siemens
There are three new cell phone concepts :
Concept phone from Siemens Mobile

The first concept is a snake-like style. This cell phone can wrap on your arm with a media player controls on the outside. The second concept comes with non-symmetric body and ununiformed key pad, also has large LCD . The last concept phone comes with a full touchscreen display and sliding control bar.

We will wait all of this cell phone, I hope it's not only plan or concept phone for the future but they can release to the public costumer in the market.
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May 20, 2007

Series On Nokia

Just simple stuff about series on Nokia. Nokia mobile is a world leader in mobile communications, has not enough one year you buy a nokia phone may be coming a new Nokia series.

This is some nokia series N :
- Nokia N92, Nokia N92 is a beautiful style of cellular phone. The opening mechanism is extremely flexible & very sturdy, possible for the user to open Nokia series N92 on its side & the internal screen can be rotated on a left hand side axial & even rotated to look like a standard opening flip phone. Allows the user to watch television just like they would do on their home television & it is even possible for the user to access a program guide & channel finder.


- Nokia N95, Nokia N95 is a smartphone 2007 produced by Nokia. Series N95 having 5-megapixel camera which produces good-quality videos and photos. It comes with advanced multimedia capabilities and has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Symbian smart phone also features integrated GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, and an innovative two-way slider design. Nokia series N95 now has the option to stream stereo music over Bluetooth (A2DP). Nokia N95 also has an extra trick up its sleeve in the form of a new application called Video Centre.


- Nokia N800, Nokia series N800 is an Internet Tablet with wireless system, The device has an ARM processor at its core and 128Mb of internal memory. The N800 was developed as the successor to the Nokia series 770. It is designed for wireless Internet browsing and e-mail functions and includes software such as Internet radio, an RSS news reader, image viewer and media players for selected types of media. It does not have built-in cell phone capability. Nokia N800 runs Internet Tablet OS 2007 edition , its a modified Debian distribution based on the Linux 2.6.18 Kernel.

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