May 20, 2007

Series On Nokia

Just simple stuff about series on Nokia. Nokia mobile is a world leader in mobile communications, has not enough one year you buy a nokia phone may be coming a new Nokia series.

This is some nokia series N :
- Nokia N92, Nokia N92 is a beautiful style of cellular phone. The opening mechanism is extremely flexible & very sturdy, possible for the user to open Nokia series N92 on its side & the internal screen can be rotated on a left hand side axial & even rotated to look like a standard opening flip phone. Allows the user to watch television just like they would do on their home television & it is even possible for the user to access a program guide & channel finder.


- Nokia N95, Nokia N95 is a smartphone 2007 produced by Nokia. Series N95 having 5-megapixel camera which produces good-quality videos and photos. It comes with advanced multimedia capabilities and has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Symbian smart phone also features integrated GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, and an innovative two-way slider design. Nokia series N95 now has the option to stream stereo music over Bluetooth (A2DP). Nokia N95 also has an extra trick up its sleeve in the form of a new application called Video Centre.


- Nokia N800, Nokia series N800 is an Internet Tablet with wireless system, The device has an ARM processor at its core and 128Mb of internal memory. The N800 was developed as the successor to the Nokia series 770. It is designed for wireless Internet browsing and e-mail functions and includes software such as Internet radio, an RSS news reader, image viewer and media players for selected types of media. It does not have built-in cell phone capability. Nokia N800 runs Internet Tablet OS 2007 edition , its a modified Debian distribution based on the Linux 2.6.18 Kernel.

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